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Cllr David Bell – Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

I have lived in the parish for the last 44 years.

I would class myself as an approachable sort of chap that gets on with most people.

I am one of the Parish Councillors in the Nythe, Eldene & Liden Parish Council, currently Vice-chair; I would class myself as an active member of the council.

I am the chair of the Meres Residents Association; and am actively involved with maintenance and conservation in the local area.

 I am the treasurer/manager of Buckhurst Park Community Centre and have been running the centre for the last ten years.  I provide a level of welfare support from the centre for the community. 

I have been a trustee of Voluntary Action Swindon for the last nine years and a member of the property sub-committee looking after at John Street and Sanford House.

I am also the President of North Wilts Hockey Club and I am still involved with those that play competitive hockey.

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