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NEL Parish Council & Friends of Shaftesbury Lake

NEL Parish Council & Friends of Shaftesbury Lake


The NEL Parish Council are responsible for maintaining the area around the lake (Eldene side only). The Friends of Shaftesbury Lake are approved volunteers who support NEL Parish Council.  No work can be carried out around the lake without being agreed or given permission by the Parish Council or Swindon Borough Council.  NEL Parish Council welcome volunteers and if you would like to register as a volunteer, please contact Emma, the Clerk on clerk@nytheeldeneliden-pc.gov.uk


A motion passed on the 14th of June 2022 to allow the following:

  • The friends of Shaftesbury Lake and any volunteers on the Parish Clerks list to do the following work on the flower bed on the NEL Parish Council side only
    • Water the flower beds
    • Weed the flower beds
    • Remove any dead heads from the flowers in the flower beds
    • Put bark down in the flower beds

The list will be reviewed every year in line with our Public Liability insurance renewal.

Garden Event Day 2nd July 2022

Gardening Day 2nd July 2022